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Body Piercing Price List...Phone NOW !

All Body Piercing is carried out by a professional using the most hygenic technics with sterile jewellery.


Full after care is available and the best information is provided on caring for your new Piercing.


Please find below a list of piercings with prices.


You may not find the one your looking for listed so please contact us for other priercing options.


Remember....."We have a Price Promise" if you find a price lower than Tattoogem we will match it!



Navel Piercing With Jewel Titanium B.C.R                 £25

Navel Piercing With Jewel Titanium Bar                     £35

Nose Piercing With Jewel Titanium Stud                     £25

Nose Piercing With Plain Titanium Stud                      £20

Tragus Piercing With Titanium Stud                             £25

Septum Piercing With Titanuim Circular Bar                £30

Tongue Piercing  With Titanium Bar Bell                     £35

Eye Brow Piercing With Titanium Bar                           £25

Rook Piercing With Titanium Bar/B.c.r                          £20

Forward Helix With Titanium B.c.r/Stud                        £20

Rim Piercing With Titanium B.c.r/Stud                          £20

Conch Piercing With Titanium Bar                                 £20

Scaffolding With Titanium Bar Bell                                £40

Surface Piercing Neck Back                                           £40

Surface Piercing Titanium Bar                                       £30

Dermal Piercings With Jewelled Stud                            £30

Labrette/Lip Piercing With Titanium Stud                      £35

Nipple Piercing With Titanium Bar Bell                         £35

Dath Piercing with Titanium bar                                    £25

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