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Tattoogem is a Trusted Professional Tattoo and Body Piercing West London Studio, 2 minutes from Ealing Broadway train station.We take great pride in all the work undertaken. We tattoo in all styles whether in Colour or black & Grey from custom designed to one off tattoo`s. We also are specialist in Cover Up`s, that is you can effectively cover an unwanted or existing tattoo with a new design as well as refresh an older faded tattoo and bring it back to its former glory. We can also tattoo over scars however they occurred or skin blemishes, discoloration and even significantly hide stretch marks. 


The art of tattooing has many advantages to improve and enhance the body so the benefits of tattooing are very inspiring offering such a wide array of options.  

The cost is by the artwork/ picture or text and the size which relates to how much time it will take to accomplish, so we offer a set price or a price per hour, the larger the piece requires more time so people might want to break it down into sessions, especially for the larger tattoo, `s so we can advise you as an individual what's the best approach as one person has a higher or less pain threshold than another, but most of the time 99% of customers can accomplish the tattoo they set out to get in one sitting. Even saying that people might have limited time and will prefer to break up the tattoo into sessions. One thing is for sure it's well worth a bit of discomfort which actually a lot of customers begin to enjoy, common questions are which areas are the most sensitive, in our experience it seems the ribs, neck, foot and lower wrist near the hand, but saying that some find it tiggles, oh well only one way to find out hey!
There are two links above for tattoo and body piercing aftercare instructions but we will advise you of the simple steps to take as the aftercare is a very important final part. When your tattoo or piercing is healed we often review the work done to make sure it's 100% and offer to take pictures to appear on the Facebook page or even our main website where you can find examples and the quality of tattoogem`s professional artists.
As each and every individual customer has there own choice of artistic expression, there is such a broad spectrum of tattooing covered, so in order to get an understanding of your particular needs, we find our free consultation service is the best option or please email us with your requirements and tattoogem well do its best to help with your inquiry.
 There is a walk-in and appointment-based service either for a Tattoo or Body Piercing which can be booked by phone the same day or organised when you have your free consultation.

To inspire you and to get an idea of what styles are trending, fashionable or commonplace or desirable you can research through google,Pinterest, Instagram and many other forms of internet sources. You may find by using terms such as old school, new school, timeless, Polynesian, or black and grey tattoos can help you to discover more designs to adorn your body.

Thank you for visiting Tattoogem`s main website and please check out Facebook and become a member of which our customers can be updated with other new projects or simply see what the latest tattoos are being done, also there is a messaging service for inquiries.

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