The Way Of The Living Art


Welcome to TATTOOGEM in London, A professional Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio!


Tattoogem believes artistic images created in the minds eye and brought into physical being especially on the human body relate emotionally to everything as well as each and everyone, manifesting vibrations and altering our state of mind and emotional connections and how we perceive evaluate relations between us,matter and conscious nous in the world and universe as well as manifesting positive thought energy.


Art is a human visual language of expression deciphering the images and relation in the external and internal make up of our lives also our being. When we choose to tattoo ourselves this creates subtle changes and can take effect like the sound vibration of music to our soul,Hence by reinforcing our deeper beliefs, faith and ultimately provides a grounding affect which opens up a path in reality which Tattoogem calls " The Way Of The Living Art". Tattoogem understands the imagination is the path to infinity beyond this physical dimension and wishes you a pleasant journey through the minds eye in this life and another.


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